Slee-Carrier ™ Mounted on TJM rear bumper
Owner: Sleeoffroad

After trashing the plastic corners of the stock bumper, we decided to upgrade to an aftermarket bumper. We liked the TJM bumper for it complimentary lines. However we did not like the tire carrier they supplied. We needed some custom options as well as a 2″ receiver that did not hang down below.

The tire carrier was designed to accommodate a 35″ tire, ham radio antenna and backup light. It latches to the replacement 2″ receiver for a firm and rattle free locked position.

The receiver pivots on the standard hubs already welded into the TJM bumper.

Rear quarter view showing tire carrier

Rear view showing new 2″ receiver & tire carrier. The 2″ receiver bolts to the rear cross member and used the stock 4 holes, two at the bottom, and two newly drilled holes. The receiver is not rated for towing.

Spring loaded pin used to keep latch open and Ham radio antenna mount.

2″ receiver with trailer plug and nylon stop blocks

Tire carrier in the open position. A spring loaded latch connects with a latch plate to keep the carrier open.

Tire mounting plate showing 2″ receiver in the center.

Latch to lock the carrier down.

TJM bumper with auxiliary carrier.

Ammo box with recovery gears and CO2 bottle (underneath cover).