OME Sport – 2″ Suspension Lift
’08 – ’21 Land Cruiser

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<b>OME Sport</b> – 2″ Suspension Lift<br><i><b>’08 – ’21 Land Cruiser</b></i>


The OME 2″ Sport suspension kit for the 200 Series Land Cruiser replaces the complete suspension. Consist of new front struts with coils, and rear spring with shocks.

Adjustable front upper control arms are suggested for proper alignment.


  • Reduced body roll
  • Minimize suspension bottoming
  • Less vehicle sag when loaded
  • Improved vehicle control
  • Benefits apply for both on and off pavement
  • Compatible with KDSS system

Care should be taken to follow the instructions for working on the suspension for a KDSS equipped vehicle to ensure that the truck does not end up with a side to side lean when done.


  • IMPORTANT: Spring rates must be selected based upon the current weight of the vehicle (stock or aftermarket armor), not in anticipation of weight. Selecting spring rates for anticipation of added weight will create driveability issues.
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