SLEE- Rear Bumper, Tire Carrier and Ladder – ’08+ Land Cruiser / LX 570


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SLEE- Rear Bumper, Tire Carrier and Ladder – ’08+ Land Cruiser / LX 570


The Slee 200 Series rear bumper was designed from the ground up to be a heavy duty rear bumper with unmatched versatility in customization by the end user. We used our experience from producing rear bumper for Land Cruiser and carried forward the important parts learned from years of abuse by end users. We made no compromises in features and addressed all short comings of previous generation bumpers we have produced.

The 200 series chassis presented a unique set of challenges to attached a bumper to the rear that is both cosmetically pleasing but can endure the stresses of off-road use and abuse.

Bumper installed showing additional tail lights, Rigid Ignite backup lights, receiver cutout and swing arms installed.

The bumper system starts with a series of sturdy brackets that are attached to the frame that creates fastening points for the shell. These brackets are produced from various thicknesses of material, up to 3/8″ to make the mounting system extremely heavy duty.  It also allowed us to attach 3/4″ thick recovery points directly to the frame. The bracket system utilizes a number of factory captive nuts, some installed rivet nuts and nut plates. All new hardware is supplied with the bumper.

In addition to the rear brackets the wing brackets wrap the frame and provides for the re-installation of the OE tire mount. The optional AHC pump mount allows for installation of the OE AHC pump in the stock location.

Exploded view of 200 Rear Bumper


Bracket System with Recovery Point

Wing bracket with optional AHC Pump Mount

The bracket support system allows for adjust-ability to accommodate for frame tolerances to ensure proper fit and alignment. The 3/16″ main bumper shell attaches to the bracket system in a multitude of locations using 1/2″ grade 8 hardware.

Shell attached to bracket system

The bumper is also supplied with a bracket to mount the 7 pin trailer connector out of harms way.

7 Pin trailer connector mounted using the supplied bracket.

The bumper channel has provisions for additional trail lights, high output back up light (Rigid Ignite) and also all park sensors. The factory receiver is left accessible as well. All lights are supplied as well as adapter park sensor grommets to allow for the re-use of the factory park sensors.The swing arms pivot on 1.75″ spindles with tapered roller bearing for easy opening and closing. The swing arm opening is assisted with a gas strut that features a locking collar to keep the carriers open on off-camber situations. The gas strut is also positioned so that it aids in closing the carrier ensuring that the carrier does not fly open when the latch is undone. This allows for one handed operation to close the carriers.

The locking collar can be removed if the off-camber locking is not required, eliminating one step of the closing process.

Gas strut with locking collar keeping carrier open

A proprietary latch was developed that can be operated by one hand. A unique single latch system is used to keep both carriers securely latched. The tire carrier swing out locks the ladder / accessory swing-out using a proprietary wedge system. Both carriers are kept locked with spring loaded stainless steel pins that ensure that the carriers cannot open in case of a latch failure. The latch is ergonomically designed so that the users hand is not in an awkward strained position for opening and closing. The latch location was also chosen so that the user does not have to reach under tires / can holders or other bumper components to open the swing-outs.

The u-bolt syle over the center latch has been proven to be fail safe, easily serviced with easy of adjust-ability to offers years of trouble free service.

Proprietary latch machined out of billet aluminum with stainless steel components offer one handed operation of closing and opening carriers.

The tire swing-out has a height adjustable tire mount with depth adjust-ability allowing for differing offset wheels/tire combinations to be installed correctly on the carrier. Since the bumper still allows for a factory spare tire in the stock location, a user could choose to remove the tire mount and would then be left with a versatile swing-out that features a flat surface area that custom attachments can be made for.

The swing-out can also be configured to mount either two Maxtrax recovery boards or a single 4 gallon Rotopax gas can. The mounts are available as optional items. The bumper has an optional hi-lift or ARB jack mount that allows for the mounting of a hi-lift or ARB jack to the swing-out.

Depth adjustable tire mount that can be removed.

Swing out configured to mount 4 gallon Rotopax fuel can and hi-lift

The 2nd swing-out forms a sturdy ladder for access to the vehicles roof. The Slee Jerry Can Basket can also be bolted to the carrier for storage of three 5 gallon jerry cans. This carrier also has a mount for the license plate. An LED license plate light is supplied with the bumper. The ladder also forms a convenient attachment for customer add-ons.

Example of customization of carrier by customer


  • Bumper with tire carrier and ladder
  • Rigid Ignite backup lights
  • Additional marker / indicator / brake lights
  • Grommets for park sensor installation
  • 7 Pin Relocate Bracket
  • Gas struts on both swing outs for open/close assist and hold-open feature
  • Custom designed latch for one-handed latch/pin operation and ergonomic leverage angle
  • Dozens of attachment points/holes to allow user customization.
  • License Plate relocation/lighting
  • Blind Spot Monitoring compatible

Optional Items:

  • AHC Pump Bracket
  • 4 Gallon Rotopax Mount
  • Hi-Lift Mount
  • ARB Jack Mount
  • MAXTRAX Mount


Additional information

Weight 425 lbs
Dimensions 81 × 38 × 16 in


Item Weight: 325

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