As a US based manufacturer of steel products we are worried about the price increase looming in raw materials. Based on what we are seeing and being relayed to us, we are going to see an unprecedented rise in raw materials.

We decided to write this post to inform our customers to expect the price of our fabricated and machined parts to increase this year. We are already seeing an increase in stainless steel and tube material that we use. The metal supply issue and it’s ramifications might not be on everyone’s radar.  Below is a link to an article below explaining the current metal supply situation and the ramifications.

We hope to minimize the price increasing to a minimum. We are also evaluating products to see where we can introduce cost savings to minimize the effect on the retail price of the items we manufacture.

We are also facing material shortages that are affecting supply.  We are currently experiencing some back orders on our fabricated items.  We are striving to produce more product to satisfy demand. We hope that things will stabilize in 2021 and as always, thank you for your continued support.

Christo Slee