The Slee front control arms for the 80 Series Land Cruiser are machined from a solid 1.75″ thick steel plate.

Steel Plates Before Machining

The plates are loaded into the CNC milling machine and rough cut to produce the blanks for the arm.

Left over drops after the rough cut.

After the rough cuts are made the control arms edges are machined.

Blank Control Arms after edge machining.

After the edges are done, the arms are repositioned in the CNC and the eyelets are machined. The diameter of the eyelets are sized to accept Toyota oe bushings. One side of each eyelet is chamfered to allow easy installation of the bushings.

Eyelet machining

Control arm on table in CNC milling machine

After the eyelets are done the arms are fly-cut and the webbing and logo’s are machined into the arms.

Fly-cut of the arms

Completed arm and blank before webbing and logo machining.