Karel Havlicek’s Gallery

The model

The real truck

They say that imitation is the finest form of flattery. We are really proud to have found a fan all the way in Czech Republic. Karel Havlicek was so inspired by the BlueBerry that he set out to build his own. OK, it is not a 100, but it is close. Here is what we had to say.

“Dear friends from Slee – Offroad,

my name is Karel and I am from Czech Republic. It is a small country in Europe. I would like to thank you for your wonderful website. After seeing the project, I was inspired and adapted his Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ 80 similar style as yours. Only difference is that mine is the size of 1:10 🙂 I would like to show you some pictures of my love – Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80 (active-hobby points) and chassis Tamiya CR-01. And this is thanks to your wonderful website. I’d love to have it also in 1:1, but that car is in our very expensive.
I hope you do not mind and I hope you will enjoy my Yota 1:10.

Best regards

Karel Havlicek
Czech Republic – Prague”

Here is Karl’s truck and a link to his site.


and some of a meet they had