4Runner Bumper & Tire Carrier
Owner: Ted Evans

Ted required a bumper and spare tire carrier for his 4Runner that would hold a 35″ tire, jerry can and hi-lift jack. All this had to be accomplished without sacrificing to much ground clearance. It also had to be strong enough to provide protection to the rear end of the truck for severe rock crawling conditions.

The bumper was made from 2″x3″ 1/8″ material with 2″x2″ side rails. The center 2″ receiver was inserted all the way trough the bumper and runs all the way underneath to the original spare tire mounting location. The side rails bolt to the frame using angled brackets.

The recovery points are 3/8″ plate inserted through the bumper and then mounted to a S shaped plate that insert into the frame and attached where the original bumper brackets attached.

Fully loaded tire carrier

Close-up of the over the center latch that keeps the carries closed as well as the recovery points.

Side View

Testing some articulation