If you start to play in the rocks, protection for the rocker panels will soon be one of your priorities. This was a custom set of  2″x4″ (1/8″ wall) Slee-Sliders that were made for Ted Evans. Requirements were sturdy frame mounted supports and minimum loss of ground clearance.

Driver side slider mounted.

Driver side slider showing the three frame mounted support arms.

Detail of the driver side brackets

Front mount on the driver side.

Frame mount showing plate and bolt used to clamp around the frame. Another bolt is positioned on the top.

This is the passenger side bar with three support arms. The left of the picture is to the rear of the car and the right is the mount just behind the catalytic converters.

Detail of the rearmost clamp brackets.

Details of the passenger side front bracket. This is the one just behind the catalytic converters. The bracket has received another triangle gusset as indicated.

The ends of the 2×4 are capped and ground smooth.

This is the sliders in position

Front fitment of the slider. The fronts are cut at the angle and then capped. This will clear the front mud flaps.