Slaughterhouse Gulch - Colorado - 1999

Spring time in the Rockies is the time to start doing trails. First one this season was Slaughterhouse Gulch, just off 285 in Colorado. Rated as an easy trail with some optional obstacles, it is a fun trail for a 1/2 day.

Davin Lim (FZJ 80), Ted Evans (4Runner), Dan Beiers (CJ7 - red) and myself (CJ7 - blue) took on the trail. Below is a picture account of some of the highlights. Note most of these photos were optional mud bogs.

Never thought you would see this did you, a Jeep strapping a 80 out of a mud bog.

Davin showing that mud & a 6000 lb 80 without MT tires don't mix. After a valiant try we had to resort to winches.

Took a Warn 8000lb and 9000lb to get him out of the bog.

This is what happens when you try to drive between a tree and a mud hole.

Just to even the score, this is a 80 pulling a Jeep.