After the first part of the Lithuanian championship of Saturday April 15 (ended 2nd in class, 4th overall), most participants joined a friendly outing on Sunday. The first planned stop was on this lake, after a 150 feet mud hole and a steep uphill climb with lots of clay on the incline.

The front of my car was caked with mud and clay, so I decided to go for a wash. Locked diffs, dipped in once, pulled back, twice, pulled back, but on the third time, the rear wheels lost traction and didn't want to move back. Sh#$%t, specially because the cabin started to fill.

The guys tied first one, then two trucks to mine, but the combined weight (6000 lbs for the car, plus another 2000 .. 2500 lbs of water) was too much. Also, they didn't have snatch straps.

But there was quite a crowd, and adding a load of hp (human pullers, not horses this time), my truck was pulled out.

We drained the inside, let the engine bay dry for some 15 mins, and hey presto, the engine fired without any hesitation. I had already taken out the computer, dried & cleaned it, and put it back. We were getting ready to continue, but then the immobilizer would let me go. Bloody electronics! So it had to be towed back to town.

So far, I had to replace the following components because of water damage: - air mix servo - 6 relays - accelerator position sensor

The multiplexer control block was repaired (replaced three transistors) and for the CD player, I'm still waiting for a final word if it's repairable or not (everything works except the laser head). I expect a few other components will play up over time, but that's all in the game. Anyway, I just call it learning by doing .......

Cheers, Pieter HDJ100, Minsk