SENSUIKAN: Submarine in Japanese

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the story was this last Saturday. Since last December Floods, must of the roads and bridges of the Miranda's State were no longer there. So lets hit the road!.  Raul
Diaz (owner FJ60) tried to cross the river path w/o walking first the stream. so he drove into the river w/o knowing that few meters in was a sinkhole, then the FJ62 (Samuray Venezuela's nickname model) nose dive, and the river current did pushed into the sinkhole and rolled over letting only the rear tires out, after that with two winches and Venezuelan's pulling techs rescued it.  Damage?  fender benders, the Garmin's3 last read -3 meters deep, the Cobra radio was on!. after draining all the engine oil, didn't star the engine, so they pull back for the rest of the road untill in a down hill road and let it go and the Samuray started again and once more time it finished the weekend trip.

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fotos: Luis Nassiff
Caracas Venezuela