Safari Snorkel install - '91-'97 Land Cruiser •  by: Christo Slee

Adding a snorkel to your 80 does have advantages, cleaner cooler air for the motor, avoids sucking in water when crossing rivers and most of all you get to drill a big hole in the fender!

Here are some random thoughts on the installation of a Safari Snorkel on a US spec 80 Series

Template on Fender
Template in position

Cutting the hole
This is me agonizing over the first hole that I drilled into my Land Cruiser.

This is the big hole after cleaning the edges and priming the exposed metal

Once this is done you can now start to fit the snorkel around the antenna. The snorkel will hit the antenna if not modified. Since Australian 80 series have the antenna on the other side, this  modification is not needed for them. 

We did this with a small plumbers propane torch. I am not sure if a heat gun will be enough to soften the plastic. I found the torch to be more controllable because the heat is concentrated and you can hear a smaller area.

Working the hot plastic to make the indent for the snorkel.

Completed indent from the top.

Completed indent from the bottom. Not pretty but this will not be seen.

Fit the snorkel and mark the location where it meets the antenna. Remove snorkel and put down in workbench with the side that goes against the vehicle upwards. Now the fun starts, heat the area around the mark you made with the flame and be careful not to get to close. Push down with a piece of 1" diameter pipe. You can use it to roll the material back and forth.

The key is to not heat the top part of the snorkel (position the snorkel such that the bottom faces away from you on the bench). The heat tends to smooth the textured finish on the snorkel. You want to limit this to the back side that is against the car and not the top that you can see.

Be patient and just do small amounts at a time, fit and then do it again. On our installation the snorkel ended up flush at the top with the antenna and we made a "notch" that was about 1/2" deep into the side. The last fit was done by first heating the area, and then fitting the snorkel in place and pushing against it to get a flush fit.

Once you have it flush against the body, you can mark the top holes for the top bracket as per the instructions.

IMPORTANT. I did not drill the holes the size as recommended. Fitting a square plug to a round hole did not make a lot of sense to us. Either get round nutserts (they are like drywall plugs that expand when you screw into them) or do what we did.

Drill a whole that is smaller than the square size of the insert, then using small files, shape the holes to be square and fit the inserts snugly. This will make a much better fit than doing the big round holes as stated in the instructions.

Working on making round holes square!

The rest of the install is just as per the instructions.

Completed Installation
Completed installation of Safari Snorkel

GA28 Garmin Marine GPS antenna mounted on snorkel
An added benefit is that it makes an ideal spot to mount a GPS antenna.