Adding driving lights - •  by: Christo Slee

Adding driving and fog lights make the night time driving experience much better. However most driving lights are for off-road use only so they need to be covered. Also using them effectively means that they should be easy to turn on and off.

The most convenient way of installing driving lights are to have them mimic the functionality of the high beams. Below is a circuit diagram of how to install the lights. Please note that the diagram is a simplified version and some modification to the harness that was supplied with the lights might be required. A basic understanding of auto electrical systems are required to install the lights.

Click on diagram to download the PDF file

IPF 800 driving lights and IPF 630 Fog lights installed on modified ARB Commercial Bar

PIAA 80 XT driving lights and PIAA 510 fog lights installed on ARB Deluxe Winch Bar