Interior Fuse Box - 93-97 Land Cruiser

The most convenient space to install a 2nd fuse box is under the passenger side on the finish panel next to the rear heater. We feed this fuse box with a 6ga wire  from the 2nd battery in most cases. The 6 ga wire is fused in the engine bay using a 100 amp Mega Fuse. 

Typically we use a 12 position fuse box with a 9/3 split, where 9 fuses uses the same feed and 3 fuses a different feed. The 9 is set to be constant power and the 3 are ignition or accessory power.

The location of the fuse box makes it easy to add accessories in the cab.

Fuse box next to the rear heater unit. Passenger side seat removed

Completed installation without the cover installed on the fuse box.

Completed installation with the cover installed on the fuse box.

100 amp Mega Fuse in engine bay.