Adding indicator light to side marker light •  by: Christo Slee

For some reason the US 80 Series Land Cruiser does not have a side indicator light. The big amber marker light would be the ideal light to use for this since it is visible from both the front and the side. Below are a step by step guide on adding a indicator bulb to this light.

Remove the screw to loosen the light housing
To remove the light housing, remove the screw as indicated. Locking pin that keeps the light in position
After removing the screw, the light needs to pulled towards the front of the vehicle. The bottom locking pin is what keeps it locked and in position. New hole cut in the housing.
New hole cut in the housing

A new hole needs to made on the bottom section of the light housing. The hole needs to be big enough to accommodate the new plug and also have cutouts for the ears of the plug. These ears allow you to turn and lock the plug in position.

New Plug

The plug that we used is a CALTERM 08584 GM 908 degree angle Socket. This was bought from our local parts store. It is important to get a 90 degree plug with a thin outside dimension. If this is not done it will not be possible to install the light housing.

New Plug Installed

The modified light housing with the new plug installed. The new plug is installed so that the wires face forward. Again this is important to avoid interference. The new plug was a combination tail light / brake light, but we will only use one of the circuits.

New Plug in position

Another photo of the new plug in position.


The next step is to tie the new plug into the existing wiring harness. If you have already installed a bull bar, you probably have tapped into the existing wiring for the indicator. Splice the new plug in parallel with the existing indicator light.

Position of wires

The new plug is fed to the opening so that the wires are above the support bracket as indicated.  If too deep a plug is used, or the plug is installed such that the wires point backwards when the plug is locked in position it will not clear this support.

It is also a good idea to sleeve the wires with some split loom to avoid chafing.


Well worth the effort for better side visibility. The marker light function is kept with the addition of the indicator light.

There is a chance that your indicators might not function properly when the additional bulbs are added. This can be remedied by installing a larger flasher unit.