GPS Mounting Options

GPS systems are inexpensive and provide ideal trail navigation in unknown terrain. The Garmin III+ is a very good 12 channel GPS unit with mapping capabilities.

Garmin III Plus GPS mounted on the overhead console.
Garmin III Plus GPS and auto-dimming mirror with temperature and compass
Serial port for communication to Garmin III Plus
BNC connector for power to cell phone charger

If you ever need plugs for your Garmin III or III Plus, check out

Safari Snorkel with Garmin GA28 Antenna
Safari Snorkel with GA28 Garmin GPS antenna mounted on top
Alternative to mounting the GPS. This requires taking the GPS apart and hard mounting the GPS

Another view. On this truck, we only use the GPS to acquire the signal and it is fed to a serial port. We use a PDA to run mapping software using the GPS signal for positioning.