Crawler box install into a 1993 Land Cruiser

The Cruiser Crawler box was obtained from Mark's Adapters in Australia. Details can be obtained from this web site.

The Crawler box is either a 1:1 ratio or a 3.05:1 ratio. The box bolts to the back of the transfer case and effectively changes the speed of the input shaft before it gets to the center diff on the transfer case. The advantage of this system is that it does not move the transfer case and the drive shafts remain unchanged.  However the system does require modifications of the floor board and the gas tank. We installed it in out ShortBus that was already fitted with a 2" body lift and the gas tank was re-located.

Below is a brief explanation of the system and some installation photo's. This is by no means a detailed overview and there are quite a number of installation steps that are not listed.

This shows the Cruiser Crawler Kit consisting of the box, the new input shaft and couplers, the adapter ring, new bearings and mounting hardware.

The rear of the box.

Installation requires the removal of the transfer case and then splitting of the case. The rear tail housing is removed first.

Then the 2nd section of the transfer case is removed to expose the input shaft on the main case.

This shows the transfer case with the input shaft removed (left side) and the center diff lock on the right.

This shows the original input shaft on the left and the new one with coupler on the right.

The new input shaft is installed in the case. Essentially the input shaft goes into the Crawler box, where the ratio can be changed and then it is fed back out on the coupler that surrounds the input shaft. This coupler is attached to the gear that drives the rest of the transfer case.

Once the new input shaft is installed, the transfer case is re-assembled and then the adapter ring is installed. The couplers and bearings are installed and the Crawler is mated to the transfer case.

A bottom view of the transfer case with Cruiser Crawler installed. The fuel lines were re-located as well as a hole cut in the floor for clearance.

Side view of the Cruiser Crawler mated to the transfer case. At this stage the rear drive shaft has not been re-installed.