ARB compressor mount •  by: Christo Slee

ARB Lockers are the ideal solution for extra traction if your FJ80 is not equipped with factory lockers. The installation requires some source of compressed air. The ARB Compressor is part of the system and comes complete with wiring harness, connectors and instructions for a complete install.

The only thing they do not tell you, is where to mount the compressor. We opted for the driver side rear corner of the engine bay. We made a bracket that mounts the compressor to the inside of the fender using existing holes in the fender.

This location requires that the solenoids and pressure switch be relocated. We made a manifold from brass fittings and mounted this to the firewall. The manifold has an inlet port that gets air from the compressor, two ports for the solenoids and another for the pressure switch. The manifold is connected to the compressor using a flexible hose. The manifolds are available from Slee. More Details

Manifold mounted to fire wall. Contains airline from compressor, solenoid for each locker, air line to tank, quick connect and pressure gauge

ARB Compressor mounted on driver side fender (US Spec 1991-1997 Land Cruiesr)