1999 UZJ100 modified for customer


Comments from the owner

Just to follow up on our telephone conversation from Friday, I received the truck in good condition and I am very impressed. Overall, the job is first rate. The quality and attention to detail are excellent. A friend was looking the job over today and he was blown away by how stock-looking all of your mods are. I agree. The CB speaker, all of the switches for the accessories, the subwoofers, the back up camera, the shower, and the list goes on. Very nice work. I appreciate your efforts.

Stereo sounds amazing and works very well. I love the ipod plug in. Again. looks like factory. Very impressive.

I have to say that it was so worth sending this truck to you and waiting for it to be done. Everything is absolutely first rate. I would recommend you to anyone. I chose to take the risk to send this truck out of state to your shop because you have such a stellar reputation and I am not disappointed. Thanks for taking so much care to do this right. And thanks for the shirts.

Seriously, thanks. This truck is awesome.

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