2007-16 Tundra Double Cab and Crewmax
Slee Slider with Tube Rail

Part: SOK019 - $1145.00
2007-176 Double Cab and Crewmax Tundra

Installation Instructions

Powder Coating Details

The Slee SliderSteps for the Tundra is a fully functional step, but also a rock slider at the same time. The sliders are manufactured out of 3/16" laser cut steel plate. The main body of the slider is formed as a single piece.

The slider mounts to the frame flange with three U shaped legs that are welded to the main slider body and frame flange.

The flange bolts to the vehicle frame using existing bolt hole locations. The bottom of the flange is secured using countersunk hardware to reduce snag points. The bottom holes for the countersunk bolts have to be drilled into the frame.

An additional leg is located towards the rear of the slider. This mounts to the frame using a supplied bracket. Additional weld on tabs are provided that can be installed to strengthen the rearmost leg installation.

The side profile is formed with multiple breaks to add in strength. The top of the sliders have to removable aluminum thread plates. These tread plates can be supplied in gray or black textured powder coat.

The tread plates are designed to minimize slipping, even in wet and icy conditions.

The sliders are finished with textured powder coat finish. The pre-treatment includes baking to remove all oil, phosphate washing, sandblasting and then a powder coating is applied.

Pic 1

Top View

Close-up of side view

Top View

Tread Plate View

Frame Mount Flange