New Product! 2016+ Tacoma - Slee SliderSteps™
Double Cab Short Bed (DCSB) / Extra Cab

Part: SOK017 - $995.00
Compatibility - 2016+ XtraCab and Double Cab (DCSB) Tacoma
* Note - not compatible with Crew Cab Long Bed.

The Slee SliderSteps for the 2016+ Tacoma's (3rd Gen) consist of a 2"x3" (.120 wall) rectangular tube with four 2" x 2" legs per Slider. Support legs attach to a 3/16" thick 'L shaped' frame plate that covers the side and bottom of the frame. This flange allows hardware to be installed into existing threaded locations on the frame. The side plate is secured to the frame using 1/2" Grade 8 hardware and custom thick washers.

The front end of the SliderSteps are secured by angled plate that attaches directly to the factory cross-member.

To furthermore secure the StepSliders to the frame, additional holes can be drilled. Utilizing counter sunk bolts, this achieves a completely 'flush' bottom profile.

The 'Step Insert' is textured for additional grip when wet. The 'oblong' holes in the step insert allows for easy cleaning of snow or mud. All Slider components are powder coated with a four step process for the ultimate resiliency. The SOK017 kit is supplied with a complete high quality hardware kit and installation instructions.

Installation Instructions

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