2005-15 Tacoma Double and Extra Cab
Slee SliderStep

Part: SOF1278 - $945.00
2005-15 X-Cab and Double Cab Tacoma Trucks
* Not Compatible with Double Cab Long Bed

The Slee StepSliders for the 2005-15 Tacoma's consist of a 2" x 3" (.120 wall) rectangular tube with four 2" x 2" legs. The legs attach to a 3/16" thick "L shaped" frame plate that covers the side and bottom of the frame. This specific flange allows hardware to be installed in the existing threaded locations on the frame. The side plate is secured to the frame in five spots using 1/2" Grade 8 bolts. These bolts are matched to multiple 2" square plates on the inside of the frame.

The front end of the StepSlider is secured by an angled plate that attaches directly to the factory cross-member.

To further secure the StepSlider to the frame, four additional holes can be drilled (per slider). Supplied with a complete high quality hardware kit the countersunk bolts can be installed for a total of 10 fasteners per slider. Utilizing the counter sunk bolts and "L shaped" frame flanges allows for a completely flush bottom profile.

A "Slider Step Plate" is fully serviceable and is textured for additional grip once wet. The oblong holes in the step plate allow for easy cleaning. All Slider components are powder coated for the ultimate resiliency.

Bottom View showing slider legs and the strong mounting flange that wraps around the frame.

Front cross member mount

Detailed view of frame mounting plate

Close up of countersunk bolt

Close up of backing plates

Installation Instructions

Key Features:

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08taco_slider19.jpg 08taco_slider20.jpg

* Please note the above photo show an older version of our "step plate" design.