Slee Sway Bar Drop Brackets
and Blocks

Sway Bar Drop Brackets

Sway Bar Drop Brackets

Rear Sway Bar Brackets
Part: SOF1008 - $41.00 Pair
1993-95 Land Cruiser / LX450

Rear Sway Bar Brackets
Part: SOF1009 - $41.00 Pair
1996-97 Land Cruiser / LX450

Once a suspension lift has been installed, the rear sway-bar will be moved away from the frame. These two inch extended sway-bar brackets will lower the sway-bar mount on the frame side of the rear axle. Supplied in pairs and are a clear zinc plated finish.
Note; 1991-97 Land Cruisers came with two different styles of these brackets. Please check your vehicle to ensure you order the correct brackets.

Updated! Front Sway Bar Drop Blocks

Front Sway Bar Block Kit
Part: SOF1011 - $47.00 Pair
1993-97 Land Cruiser

Using shocks longer than stock, its possible the front drive shaft can come into contact with the front sway-bar under full droop. To eliminate this problem, we've designed solid aluminum drop blocks. Supplied with all necessary hardware for easy installation.

Spring Spacers

20mm (.78") Front Spring Spacers
Part: SOF1313 - $65.00 Pair
1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450
30mm (1.18") Front Spring Spacers
Part: SOF1312 - $75.00 Pair
1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450
30mm (1.18") Rear Spring Spacers
Part: SOF1133 - $75.00 Pair
1991-07 Land Cruiser / LX450 / LX470

These spacers can be used to add lift to the suspension of the Land Cruiser / LX450 / LX470. Spacers are black but some minor variations may vary from photograph.

Slee Diff Drop Kit

Installation Instructions
Powder Coating Details

Part: SOK006 - $245.00
1998-07 Land Cruiser / LX470

Slee Caster Plate Kit

Installation Instructions
Part: SOF1048 - $139.00

This is a bolt on kit (some welding recommended) that will correct the caster for a 4" lift on a 1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450.

Slee Bump Stop Blocks - 1993-97 Land Cruiser / LX450

Front Bump Stop Pucks - 2"
Part: SOF1046 - $41.00
1991-97 Land Cruisers

Updated! Rear Bump Stop
Blocks - 2"
Part: SOF1042 - $51.00 - Pair
1993-97 Land Cruisers

Bump Stops serve an important purpose once a 1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450 has been lifted over three inches. It serves two purposes; it stops the up-travel of the axle to prevent tire to body contact and two, stops over compression of the shocks. This kit is supplied with all the necessary hardware for an easy installation.