Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport Shocks

Old Man Emu Shocks
Shocks - Starting at $222 per pair
Struts - Starting at $340 per pair
Steering Dampers -Starting at $88

Old Man Emu Shock Specs and Length Detail

A twin tube-monotube hybrid design supercharges an all new line of NitroCharger Sport shock
absorbers with all the valving of a monotube combined with the durability of twin tube.

Tough urethane bushings for extended life

How does it work? The new valving system creates dampening through disc deflection rather than aperture restriction. This allows for a much more open, free flowing piston design, reducing heat generation and aeration that leads to fade. While the classic OME NitroCharger has never suffered from early fade, the new valving in the OME NitroCharger Sport is designed to better prevent this from happening, creating a shock absorber with monotube longevity.

So, how does it handle? Compared with the OME classic NitroCharger, the NitroCharger Sport is slightly firmer and no longer has the soft wallow, providing better control at low speeds making it more stable in the corners. At high speeds, the shock will still allow you to feel the subtleties in the terrain for reactive handling, while offering better traction and stability. It handles in a Euro-Sport style with excellent cornering and extremely reactive handling. The OME NitroCharger Sport also has a larger loading window than the OME classic so it offers complete control over a larger range of weight capacities. Where An OME classic NitroCharger will control vehicle load increases up to 500lbs, the OME NitroCharger Sport controls loads in the range between 0 and 1000lbs offering greater stability and handling even when the vehicle is fully loaded.