80 Series Land Cruiser Transfer Case Skid Plate

Bulletproof describes the undercarriage of the 80 Series Land Cruiser perfectly, until it comes to the stock skid plate for the transfer case. Slee Off-Road now offers a replacement skid plate that requires no drilling to install, is beefy enough to take some serious abuse, and is affordable. 

transfercase Skid Plate for FZJ80

The skid plate is made from 1/4" steel, machine cut and bent, sandblasted and then powder coated for durability and corrosion protection.

Bottom View of Slee-Skid

A 2.5" hole facilitates fluid draining without the need to remove the skid plate.

Slee-Skid - Side View

The plate bolts in place to the stock location, using the existing bolts. In addition, a u-bolt that wraps the frame attaches a to a support bracket. This support bracket supplies additional strength for back of the skid plate. 

Slee-Skid - Side View

Available for:

Currently the Slee-Skid is available for 1991* -1997 FZJ 80 Land Cruisers. 

* - On 1991/92 model FJ80's the drain hole on the skid pate will not line up with the drain plug on the transfer case. However fitment is the same.  

Kit Consist of:

  • 1/4" Steel Slee-Skid Plate - black powder coat finish.
  • Frame Mounting bracket
  • U-bolt and bolts / nuts / washers as required
  • Installation Instructions.
Read the Skid Plate Installation Instructions

Part #: SOF1002


"An amazingly heavy duty replacement.  Now on my third transfer case drain plug, I just bolted one of these guys on and was very impressed."
Jeff Jones
80sCool Member

"Christo, the install went smooth on the skid plate. Excellent job."
Rick Gilligan
80sCool Member

"I just wanted to say that I opened the package to check things out and man that is some good looking stuff.  The workmanship looks out of this world. Thanks mucho !!!!"
Phil Postmus
80sCool Member