1993-97 Land Cruiser / LX450 Center Diff Lock Switch

Installation Instructions

1993-94 Toyota
Land Cruiser
CDL Switch
Part: TOY1001 - $69.00

1995-97 Toyota Land Cruiser / LX450
Part: TOY1002 - $115.00

Overriding the default behavior of the center diff lock is easy with a CDL switch. The wiring harness for the switch is already present in the US 1993-97 Land Cruisers / LX450, which makes installation easy. Removal of the radio bezel is necessary for installation.

The automatic behavior is that the center diff will be engaged (and ABS disengaged) when shifted into Low Range. The center diff is unlocked in high range. Installing the center diff lock switch, will enable the engage / disengagement in high range. This is extremely helpful for added traction in high range (snow, etc) or limping home in hi-range if a drive shaft has been removed.
In addition, if the Pin-7 modification is done, you will be able to use the switch to lock and unlock the center diff lock in low range. The Pin-7 modification doesn't have to be completed to a CDL switch.

Auxiliary Light Switches

Installation Instructions

Aftermarket Light Switch
Part: STF1036 - $28.00
Switch Face Dimensions; 24mm x 42mm

This is an OE Style Aftermarket switch that fits the rectangular Toyota switch blanks. Switch is backlit but is not OE green, illumination color is warm white / neutral color. Supplied with plug and wiring harness. These switches can be used in conjunction with the Slee Auxiliary Light Harness. For details reference the Light Harness Page.

Auxiliary Light Switch B

Installation Instructions

Auxiliary Light Switch
Part: STF1056 - $28.00
Switch Face Dimensions; 32.5 mm x 22 mm

Aftermarket Style Toyota OE Light Switch. Supplied with the plug and wiring pigtail. Only available with green illumination. Switch Face Dimensions; 32.5 mm x 22 mm

OEM Light Switch

OEM Toyota Light Switch
Part: TOY1013 - $92.65
Switch Face Dimension; 21mm x 39mm

Toyota OE Light Switch. Supplied with OE plug and wiring pigtail.
Available in green or orange illumination. Please specify your preference when you place your order.