Slee Off-Road Hi-Steer Arms

Fits 1991-1997 80 Series Land Cruiser.
Requires knuckles with ABS hole.

Disclaimer: These parts are for off-road use only.

The Slee Off-Road Hi-Steer arms were developed as a reliable steering solution for swapping 80 series front axles into rock buggies, or building custom suspension and steering setups on dedicated trail vehicles. This is not intended as a steering upgrade for street driven vehicles.

The arms are machined from billet 1018 CRS. The arms replace the top trunion bearing cap, and mount using Toyota studs and cone washers. A threaded bung, made from 1045 CRS, is welded into the original ABS hole allowing for a third mounting location.

Double shear steering is obtained by using the lower left side steering arm from a right hand drive axle. Steering arms are machined to accept safety washers and drilled for 5/8” rod ends. The stock steering arm front tapered holes need to be drilled to 5/8". Grade 8 5/8” bolts are used to link the upper and lower steering arms with rod ends and spacers between arms (not supplied with arms).

Steering arm mounted on top of DS knuckle with RHD double ended steering arm on the bottom

This shows a traditional draglink / tie-rod setup using the new steering arms. Links are made from DOM tubing with tube inserts welded in. Connections are made with 3/4" heim joints.

This shows the DS setup using the RHD double ended steering arms as well as the draglink to steering box connection and the tie-rod to steering knuckle connection.

This setups shows a full hydraulic steering setup using the arms with a double ended ram. This is not a street legal setup but a common setup for trail only vehicles.

Steering arm detail showing the double shear setup and the link from the double ended ram to the knuckle.