Rhino Rack Foxwing Awning

Installation Instructions

Part: RR-31100 - $699
Driver Side

Part: RR-31200 - $699
Passenger Side

Extension Panel
Part: RR-31101 - $139

The Foxwing Awning (patent pending) is a brilliantly designed one piece, easy to operate, swing out awning that will shade the side and rear of your vehicle in seconds. Unique, due to its simplistic 1 person operation the Foxwing Awning can be set up and packed down in minutes making it the perfect solution to protect you from the elements.

Supplied with fitting kits the Foxwing awning easily attaches to any Rhino Rack Roof Rack cross bars. Great for camping trips, quick getaways & watching the kids play sport. The

Made from the same high quality material (rip-stop poly cotton canvas) used by OZTENT the Foxwing Awning is UV protected, water proof and mould resistant. The solid frame consists of anodized aluminum and corrosion resistant hardware so it wont rust.

All telescopic poles, guy ropes and pegs are included and come with their own travel bag for neat and tidy storage when not in use. Perfect for the avid camper, traveler or tradesman, the FOXWING Awning is the quick and easy solution to protect you from the elements.

When using the Foxwing in windy conditions it's important to follow a few simple steps to ensure correct set up. Always use two people to set up the Foxwing in windy conditions. Make sure one person holds the swing arms while the other person secures the poles and ropes.

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