The ComeUp DV-9 and DV-9i, 9,000 pound capacity winch, stands among the top winches in its class by combining great performance and tremendous value. The DV-9/9i is designed and manufactured by ComeUp Industries Inc. at our factory in Taipei, Taiwan. It has been sold throughout the world under the ComeUp brand and also under private label agreements with many other companies. Some examples of private label versions of the DV-9/9i winch are the Superwinch EP9 and EP9i sold in the U.S. and United Kingdom, the Premier DV-9000 and the Bushranger DV-9TH, both available throughout Australia.
Through many years of production, the DV-9/9i has been and continues to be a strong performing winch. It has been on top in many independent tests that compare the DV-9/9i to similar units of the competitors such as the Warn 9.5XP. These tests have proven that the DV-9/9i Winch is a top performer in the industry.

Seal Gen2 9.5RS
Part: REC1087 - $1075.95

2011 4WD magazine (Australia) - Massive winch comparison
COMEUP DV-9 (Premier DV-9000): 2nd Place “Solid Performance”
WARN 9.5XP: 3rd “Best Winch”

DV-9 (Steel Braided Line)
Part: REC1105 - $600.00

2007 Moab Jeeper Magazine (USA) – Winches in Hell test
COMEUP DV-9 (Superwinch EP9): Runner Up
WARN 9.5XP: Winner

DV-9S (Synthetic Line)
Part: REC1103 - $829.00

ComeUp Synthetic Line

Synthetic Rope 3/8" x 100'
Part: REC1088 - $311.95