Updated Item! Slee Off-Road Aluminum
Hawse Fairlead

Precision machined from solid 1" Aluminum, Hard Anodized and and etched with the Slee logo

Slee Aluminum 1" Hawse Fairlead - Anodized
Part: SOF1096 - $53.00

Updated Item! Slee Offset Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

Offset Hawse Fairlead
Part: SOF1113 - $85.00

The Slee Offset Hawse Fairlead is the solution for your ARB Bumper winch installation with feet forward mounting. Precision machined from solid Aluminum, Powder Coated and and etched with the Slee logo.

Newer Item! Factor 55 Flatlink Expert

Factor 55 Flat Link
Part: REC1077 - $159.95

Factor55 Prolink

Factor55 Prolink
Part: REC1071 - $150.00

Factor55 Flatlink

Factor55 Flatlink
Part: REC1077 - $139.95