ARB Recovery Gear

ARB Essentials Recovery Kit
Part: REC1089 - $250.00

ARB Premium Recovery Kit

Part: REC1052 - $399.00

ARB Compact Recovery Bag

Part: REC1204 - $35.00

ARB X-Jack

The tire is inflated from vehicle exhaust system or a compressed air source. The jack offers ideal lifting in sandy or muddy situations. The jack also offers a solution for stock vehicles where a hi-lift jack can not be attached to the vehicle.

Part: REC1053 - $255.00

ARB Recovery Straps

ARB Snatch Strap
60mm x 9m 17600 lbs
Part: REC1012 - $60.00

ARB Snatch Strap
75mm x 9m 24000 lbs
Part: REC1014 - $82.00

ARB Tree Protector
10 Ft.
Part: REC1046 - $45.00

ARB Winch Extension Strap
9900 lbs
Part: REC1030 - $68.00
Part: REC1070 - $115.00

ARB 3/4" D-Ring Shackle

Part: REC1007 - $14.50 ea

ARB Bumper Hi-Lift Adapter

Part: REC1013 - $55.00

Safely use your Hi-Lift jack on ARB bars by using this adapter. Supplied with securing hardware and wrench.

ARB Snatch Block

Part: REC1006 - $89.00

ARB Ultra Light Snatch Block

Part: REC1049 - $112.00

Slee Off-Road Exclusive
Jac-Kof Tool

"So you always have a place to Jac-Kof"

The supplied axle strap is used for preventing axle droop on a coil sprung vehicle when its being jacked up. Also, the supplied Wheel Strap is used to lift the vehicle from the wheels.

Detailed Information

Jac-Kof tool and Axle Strap Combination
Part: REC1042 - $113.00

Additional Jack Straps
Part: REC1041 - $33.00

Factor 55 Hitch Link

Engineered and machined in the USA from lightweight billet 6061 aluminum, the Hitch Link provides a safe means to easily attach a standard 3/4" screw pin shackle to your receiver. Rated at 9,000 pound max load.

Part: REC1074 - $80.00

Tred Extraction Device

42" TRED 1100
Used for extraction in sand, mud, sludge, slime or snow.
Available in Yellow, Red, Pink, Military Green (as shown), Gray, Green, Desert Sand, Blue & Black. Limited colors are stocked - some colors may require a special order.
Part: REC1094 - $190.00

TJM Gloves

TJM Recovery Gloves
Large or X-Large
Part:SOF-MISC - $20.00