Slee 2" Receiver Adapter

Part: SOF1038 - $87.00

This receiver is designed to bolt to the holes on the rear crossmember of the 1991-97 Toyota Land Cruiser. It is designed to work in conjunction with the Slee rear bumper.

If not used with the Slee bumper, then the bottom lip of the receiver will not be against the lower edge of the cross member.

It allows for the use of any 2" Receiver accessories such as a bike or ski rack. This receiver isn't rated for towing.

Slee 2" Receiver System for Slee Rear Bumper - 1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450

Part: SOF1059 - $195.00

Installation Instructions
Powder Coating Details

This receiver system is designed to work with the Slee rear bumper for the 1991-97 Toyota Land Cruisers / LX450. Installation requires cutting a hole through the rear cross member and drilling four holes. The rest of the installation is bolt on. This receiver is stronger than the 2" Receiver adapter for applications where additional strength is required. Requires removal of the oem tire carrier winch plate. This receiver isn't rated for towing.

* On earlier models of the Slee rear bumper it may also be required to cut a hole through the rear bumper.