Powertank Products

Powertank 10 lbs Package A
Part: PT10-PKG-A - $439.00
Powertank 15 lbs Package A
Part: PT15-PKG-A - $479.00

Package A Includes

Powertank Package B

Powertank 10 lbs Package B
Part: PT10-PKG-B - $509.00

Powertank 15 lbs Package B
Part: PT15-PKG-B - $539.00

Package B Includes

Superflow Regulator Kit

Part: REG-700 - $270.00

Powertank Accessories

Super Bracket

Part: PT-BKT2260 - $70.00
Mounts 10 / 15 lb. Power Tanks

Speed Bag

Part: CSE-6060 (10 lbs Powertank) - $70.00
Part: CSE-6070 (15 lbs Powertank) - $79.00

Tank Boot

Part: TB-6.9 - $19.00

Aluminum Clamps

ABC (Aluminum Billet Clamp) makes mounting your Power Tank easy. Rubber shims included to fit tubing diameters: 1.50", 1.75", and 2.00". The "grip groove" inside the clamp keeps the shims from shifting during vibrations.

Part: ABC-2360 - $59.95

Powertank Regulator Bag

Part: RB01 - $14.95

Powertank Digital Inflator Gauge

PRO Series Digital Gauge, Clip-on Chuck, 24" Super Flex hose whip, 5-150 PSI (.5-10.5 Bar) pressure range, large numbers and blue back light for accurate reading at night and in adverse weather conditions, pressure release button, high pressure o-rings.

Digital gauge features: 6x accuracy of analog gauge, automatic on, automatic off, shock resistant internals, shock boot, , 3 year warranty on the gauge.

Part: PT-TIG8300 - $99.95