New Process 11/2013 - Slee Off Road Powder Coating

Example of a blasted, washed, primed and powder coated surface

Slee Off Road executes a new high quality process in Powder Coating to ensure the utmost in quality, resiliency and appearance.   

The four step process is as follows;

Blasting: White Metal Blasting SSPC-SP5 (SSI-Sa3), or NACE #1. This removes all of the visible rust, mill scale, paint and contaminants, leaving the metal uniformly white or gray in appearance. Used where maximum performance of protective coatings are necessary due to exceptionally severe condition exposures, such as constant immersion in water or other chemicals. This is the ultimate in blast cleaning.

Washing: A High Temperature/ High Pressure Iron Phosphate wash chemically etches the metal to provide excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion (see photo).

Primer: A Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer is applied to prepare the surface for the final stage of coating (see photo).

Topcoat: We use a 40% Gloss Polyurethane Black Coat or Textures coating on all of our products (see photo).