Rigid Industries LED Lighting

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Rigid Industries is the original pioneer of US designed and built forward projecting LED Lighting.
Among many patents E-Series uses a patented hybrid reflectors which provide the brightest, most efficient LED lights in the world.


Rigid Accessories

Rigid D-Series / E-Series
Light Covers
D-Series Part: LIG1076- $9.99 each
E-Series Part: LIG1091 - $17.99 each
E-Series Cover supplied in
10" Lengths - Cut To Fit
E-Series / D-Series available in White, Black, Amber, Red, Blue, Green, Smoked, and Clear.
* White and Black covers are nontransparent

Rigid Halo LED Flash Light 800 Lumen Output
Part: LIG1046 - $99.99
  • Halo 800 Raw Lumen LED Flashlight
  • One 110v Wall Charger
  • One AC/DC Car Charger
  • One 18650 2499 Mah Li-ion Battery

LED Mounting Kits

New Item!
18" E-Series LED Light Bar Custom Built for the
Slee Blueberry Bumper
Part: LIG1034 - $699.99 each
Combination pattern
Part: SOF1284 - $45.00 each
Bracket only

Slee E-Series Light Bar Bracket
Part: SOF1252- $29.00 - Pair
Designed for mounting the
14" E-Series Light Bar to the Slee ShortBus Front Bumper.
Powder coated and supplied with hardware.

Rigid U Channel Mounts
6" U Channel Mount
Part: LIG1041 - $23
10" U Channel Mount
Part: LIG1042 - $25
20" U Channel Mount
Part: LIG1043 - $30

Rigid Tundra D-Series Bracket
2007-13 Tundra
Part: LIG1096 - $63.99
* Requires OE Fog Lights

Rigid Industries E-Series LED Lighting

6" E-Series LED Light Bar
Part: LIG1035- $299.00 each
Spot Pattern
Part: LIG1039- $299.00 each
Flood Pattern

10" E-Series LED Light Bar
Part: LIG1036 - $399 each
FLOOD Pattern
Part: LIG1040 - $399 each
Spot Pattern

20" E-Series LED Light Bar
Part: LIG1037 - $699 each
Combination Pattern

30" E-Series LED Light Bar
Part: LIG1044 - $999 each
Combination Pattern

14" E-Series LED Light Bar Custom Built for the
Slee ShortBus Bumper
Part: LIG1050- $549.00 each
This LED Bar features a
6" Center Spot Pattern and
Flood on each side

50" E-Series LED Light Bar
Part: LIG1050- $1599.00 Combination Pattern

Rigid Industries D-Series LED Lighting

Rigid Dually
Part: LIG1038 - $199 Pair
Flood Pattern

Rigid Dually
Part: LIG1061 - $199.00 Pair
60 Degree Diffused Flood
Great as a backup or work light

Rigid Dually D2 Driving
Part: LIG1057 - $379 Pair
One of our most popular selling forward projecting driving light

Rigid Industries SR-Series LED Lighting

SR-Series 6" LED Light Bar
Part: LIG1059- $219.99 each
Spot Pattern
Also available in 6, 10, 20 and
40 inch widths