Slee Jac-Kof Tool and Axle Strap
"So you always have a place to jack off"

The Jac-Kof Tool is supplied complete with hardware. The kit also includes an axle strap and wheel strap.

When a coil sprung vehicle is jacked up from the frame or a frame mounted bumper, the suspension will droop out and the tire will stay on the ground. The axle strap is used to secure the axle tube to the chassis or a suitable anchor point on the vehicle. This will prevent the suspension from drooping out allowing the removal of the tire.

The Axle Strap was designed specifically for Slee Off-Road. It features a ratchet lock to prevent slipping of the adjustment section. The axle loop is sleeved to prevent abrasion to the strap on the axle housing. The top loop features a rubber coated hook, welded D ring and additional loop of strap. This offers a wide variety of options to secure the axle strap to the chassis. The strap keeper is sewn to the strap and is used to secure the strap when stored.

The tool slips over the horn on the Hi-Lift jack. The jack can be inserted from either end of the tool. The application dictates what side will be used.

A bolt is then inserted through the slot on the tool and the horn of the Hi-Lift.

The lip of the Hi-Lift horn fits into a special slot on the Jac-Kof tool. This ensures that the tool will not slip on the jack.

To jack from recovery points on the Slee bumpers, the large slot is slipped over the recovery point, and a bolt is inserted through the tool and the recovery point. This attaches the tool to the recovery point.

The vehicle can then be jacked up from the recovery point.

The tool also allows for more secure jacking from the slider. The unique top profile of the tool ensures secure seating for tubing up to 2 ".

The tool is again secured to the jack and the slider tubing is put in between the two triangle shaped wedges.

The Jac-Kof tool also features a special lip that attaches to ARB bumpers with front mounted recovery points. A special washer is supplied to seat in the hole to allow for secure attachment to the bumper.

Another feature of the Jac-Kof tool is that it can be used to lift the vehicle from the tire. The tool is installed on the jack so that the rounded bottom end faces the wheel. The hooks are then attached to the wheel spokes.

The jack tool will rest against the tire, and allow you to lift the vehicle from the wheel. This is great feature where jack points are not available on the vehicle.

On lighter vehicles the axle strap can also be used to attach to the wheel.

The axle strap is used to secure the axle to the chassis to prevent axle droop when the truck is jacked up.

The axle strap has a abrasion resistant sleeve on the portion that goes around the axle tube. The top part of the strap has a rubber coated hook, as well as a welded D ring and an additional loop of strap. This allows for a variety of options to secure to the chassis side. The length is adjusted using the ratchet.


Jac-Kof Tool Kit
REC1042 - $113.00
Additional Axle Straps
REC1041 - $33.00