Slee Engel Fridge Tie Down Kit

Slee Fridge Tie Down Brackets
Part: SOF1109 - $15.50

These brackets screw to the outside of the Engel Fridge handles allowing a convenient location to attach turn buckles or straps to tie the fridge down. These brackets can be used with the transit bag and does not require cutting the bag. The kit is supplied with 4 brackets and 8 stainless steel replacement screws.

Anchor Tie Down Ring Kit

Anchor Tie Downs Kit
Set of 4
Part: STF1024 - $54.00

This is an ideal low profile tie-down point system that can be used on virtually any surface. The machined aluminum dome pieces are bolted to the mounting surface using countersunk machine screws that thread into a backing plate. The backing plate ensures that the tie-down will not tear out.
When not in use the ring can be unclipped leaving it a very low profile mount. Each ring is rated at 2000 lbs.

ARB Fridge / Freezer & Accessories

ARB 50 Qt Fridge with Transit Bag

Fridge Tie Down Kit

ARB 50 Qt Fridge
Part: ARB1100 - $981.00

ARB 63 Qt Fridge
Part: ARB1147 - $1150.00
* Other sizes are available

Transit Bag 50 Qt
Part: ARB1101 - $128.00 Transit Bag 63 Qt
Part: ARB1229 - $135.00

ARB Fridge Tie Down Kit
Part: ARB1111 - $28.00

ARB Full Extension Slide

The ARB Full Extension Fridge Slide allows additional item to be stored behind the fridge

ARB Full Extension Fridge Slide
37/50 Qt Fridges Part: ARB1228 - $376.00
Rated to carry up to 264 lbs
Dimensions 4" x 18.5" x 37"

ARB Fridge Slide 37-50 Qt

ARB Fridge Slide 37-50 Qt
Part: ARB1094 - $335.00

Optional slide allows you to pull your ARB fridge freezer out of your vehicle on a drawer-type slide for easier access.

ARB Wireless Fridge Monitor

ARB Wireless Fridge Monitor
Part: ARB1256 - $72.00

The monitor contains advanced wireless transmission technology, providing 30m (100ft) line of sight or 15m (50ft) of interrupted transmission range. This ensures that no matter where your off road journey leads, you can still keep an eye on the temperature of your fridge freezer and you won’t encounter any unpleasant surprises.