ARB 12v Compact Compressors

Technical Specifications

Part: ARB1007- $208.00

The ARB Compact CKSA12 Compressor is a affordable 100 PSI output, low volume compressor designed to activate up to two ARB lockers. The smaller size makes it convenient for installations where space is limited. The kit includes everything necessary for installation as shown. Slee vehicle specific mounting brackets are available here.

ARB 12v High Performance Compressor - CKMA12

Part: ARB1074 - $291.00

ARB Compressors are supplied with all the necessary hardware and wiring to be used with air lockers. The air ports on the small manifold accepts solenoids and a pressure switch. Wiring is an ease with a plug and play harness which is included.
This compressor can be used with an optional ARB Pump Up Kit (ARB1125) to air up tires and or accessories.

ARB Pump Up Kit

ARB Pump Up Kit
Part: ARB1125 -$38.00

Required for ARB CKMA12 single compressor or twin CKMTA12 when airing up tires or accessories is desired.

ARB Manifold Kit

ARB Manifold Kit
Part: ARB1169 -$71.00

Required for airing up and use of locker(s) on a CKMTA12 ARB Twin Compressor.

Top Seller! ARB 12v Twin Compressor CKMTA12

ARB Twin Compressor Kit
Part: ARB1159 - $545.00
Requires optional manifold to be activate lockers

ARB Manifold Kit
Part: ARB1169 - $71.00