80 Series Land Cruiser AC Dryer Skid Plate

Fits 94-97 Land Cruiser with ARB Deluxe Winch Bar

AC Dryer Skid Plate

When Toyota changed the gas in the AC system from R12 to R134 in 1993, they moved the dryer from the battery tray to the DS bottom core support. On a stock truck, the dryer is behind the bumper and reasonably well protected.

With the ARB bumper, the dryer and connected lines become exposed and could be damaged when off-roading. The Slee AC Dryer Skid Plate bolts to the frame and ARB bumper and provides additional protection for the AC dryer system.

The skid plate is made from 10 ga steel, machine cut and bent, sandblasted and then powder coated for durability and corrosion protection.

The skid plate bolts on with using two of the existing ARB bumper bolts and 3 new bolts. Mounting the skid plate requires drilling of three holes.

See Installation Instructions

for details.

Kit Consist of:

AC Dryer Skid Plate Installed - Front View

Price $89.00
Part #: SOF1041