Slee 9005/9006 Head Light Upgrade Harness

Part: LIG1001 - $48.00
1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450

New! Now with High Temperature (572░ F) 9005/9006 bulb connectors.

The single most cost effective upgrade one can do to the headlights on a 80 Series is to install a upgraded wiring harness. Low voltage due to losses in the stock wiring can reduce the light output of the headlight bulbs. In addition, if higher wattage headlights bulbs are installed, the oem harness and plugs can melt due to excessive current draw.

Improving the current delivery to the headlight bulbs are achieved by using this plug-in harness. The concept is that power is drawn directly from the battery using wiring that is thicker than stock, and then delivering that to the headlight bulbs in a short as possible way.

Switching is achieved by two heavy duty 30 amp relays and the switching current is supplied by the existing headlight connectors. The harness installs in 30 minutes.


Installation Instructions

Slee Auxiliary Light Harness

Part: LIG1002 - $35.00
1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450

To facilitate easy installation of auxiliary lights we now offer a plug and play harness. This harness was designed to work with the FZJ80 lighting system.

Configuration 1

In this setup, the harness will power the auxiliary lights when the truck's lights are turned on. This setup is normally used for fog or low beam supplementary lights.

Configuration 2

In this setup, the harness will only power the auxiliary lights when the truck's hi-beams are switched on. This is the preferred way to run driving lights since they will be turned off when the truck is switched to low beams.

While using either configuration, the lights can manually be turned off with the  master in-cab switch. The harness comes with the switch lead that needs to be connected to a normally-open switch inside the vehicle.

The reason the harness is set up this way, is to make sure the auxiliary lights are also turned off with the auto-off feature of the truck's headlights.

The harness takes power directly from the battery via a fused lead and supplies power to the two light pigtails using a switched relay.

It is made to be used in conjunction with the 9005/9006 Upgrade Harness or on it's own with an optional 9005 or 9006 jumper harness.

Installation Instructions

9006 Low Beam Jumper Harness

Part: LIG1003 - $6.00
1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450

9005 Hi-Beam Jumper Harness

Part: LIG1004 - $6.00
1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450

If you do not wish to install the 9005/9006 Upgrade Harness, but still wishes to use the Auxiliary Light Harness you can purchase the 9005 or 9006 Jumper harness to allow direct plug in to the oem light system. This eliminates the need to cut and splice into the oem harness.

Instructions on using the jumper harness with
Auxiliary Light Harness
Read the Installation Instructions for the 9005/9006 Upgrade Harness

Read the Installation Instructions for the Auxiliary Light Harness

Installation Instructions on using jumper harness with Auxiliary Light Harness