Slee ShortBus™ Bumper

Accepts Warn M8000, XD9000 and 9.5XP winches using a hawse fairlead, four light tabs and integrated tow points.

Preliminary Installation Instructions

The Slee ShortBus™ bumper is a production version of the bumper that we used for 5 years on the ShortBus truck. This bumper has been tested on some of the most challenging trails in the US. It has survived the Rubicon, Moab, South Dakota and some of the best trails we have to offer in Colorado.

We took the original design, improved on it and now offer this as a production bumper. The idea behind the design is a lightweight bumper, excellent approach angles, accommodate a winch yet be super strong.

The bumper is formed out of 3/16" steel with 3/8" plate used for the integrated frame mounts / recover point brackets. 1.75" and 1.5" DOM tubing is used for the tubular protection. The bumper weighs in at just under 90lbs without a winch, making it one of the lightest available on the market.

Using an aluminum hawse fairlead not only improves the approach angles, but also allow for the running of synthetic rope. Using rope will add to the weight saving. However if you choose to run steel rope, we suggest using a metal hawse fairlead.

We now offer our own fairlead for purchase as well.

The bumper mounts to 12 existing holes on the frame. The bumper is supplied with all mounting hardware. The tow points are part of the mounting system and actually extend behind the bumper to form the sides of the mounting system. Recovery loads are transferred to the frame, instead of the bumper face. 

Two pairs of light mount tabs are welded onto the bumper. One set is located on top of middle tube, and one set in the "valleys" where the tubing meets.

The bumper is supplied powder coated black. The bumpers are all bead blasted, then phosphate washed and powdercoated using a two step primer and topcoat process.

Winch with synthetic rope

Slee Hawse Fairlead

Side profile showing the approach angles.

Top view showing tube clearance in front of the lights.

Side shot showing flare clearance

Solenoid Box/ License plate bracket

Solenoid Box Installed

Wing Gussets

ShortBus Bumper in Moab

License Plate Mounting

ShortBus Front Bumper
Part: SOK1080