1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450
Slee Rear Bumper with Dual Carriers

Slee bumper, tire carrier and ladder rack

First generation Slee bumper and tire carrier undergoing testing in Moab, UT

Video Clip

The Slee bumper and tire carrier is a bolt on installation that will fit vehicles from 1991 to 1997. No drilling or cutting is required on the frame. The bumper is formed from; A656 hot rolled grade 80 steel with a thickness of 3/16". Grade 80 steel has a yield strength of 80,000 PSI vs 36,000 PSI for regular steel plate.

The bumper is finished with 60% gloss powder coat finish. The pre-treatment includes baking to remove all oil, phosphate washing, sandblasting and then a powder coating is applied.

The bumper is a wrap around bumper that attaches to the frame using the existing holes that are used to attach the factory tow receiver in conjunction with additional holes.

The bumper can be used with or without a factory tow hitch. The rear face of the bumper has a hole on it to expose the 4 holes on the vehicle cross member. We offer a 2" receiver that can be installed on the bumper by cutting a hole in the rear cross member.

Optional Receiver

The tire carrier is designed to accommodate up to a 37" tire, with adjustability on the width. In addition, the tire carrier also has brackets for supporting a hi-lift jack, antenna and or backup light(s).

Slee bumper, tire carrier and ladder shown with a 315/75 R 16 tire mounted.

Passenger side view showing spindle with removable cap and locking pin.

Driver Side View

Rear view

This shows the forward frame mount of the bumper.

The bumper mounts to the frame using integrated and bolt on brackets. The rearmost bracket bolts to the bottom of the frame using existing holes in the frame. The bracket is also bolted through the frame in a horizontal direction.

Recovery points are 3/4" steel plate and are directly in line with the frame mounts to transfer any recovery forces directly to the frame.

Installation Hardware Kit - Supplied with Bumper

Bumper Wing Brackets - Formed from 3/8" mounting plate and 3/8" outer legs for superior strength and support.

In addition to the rearmost mount, the wings are supported by frame mounted brackets that bolt to flanges welded into the side wings of the bumper. These brackets bolt to the bottom of the frame using existing holes. On the passenger side, the bracket slips between the exhaust mount and the frame.

Passenger side bottom view showing the frame brackets with exhaust resonator removed.

Tire carrier with 60" hi-lift and antenna installed

Open view

The tire carrier is designed to be adjustable to accommodate up to 14.5" wide tires. Maximum tire size is 37". The tire carrier swivels on a 1.75" spindle using two tapered bearings. Features include:

Swivel point, locking pin and stainless steel slide plate.

Nylon pad and latch bracket ensures tight and rattle free latching - Supplied in black.

Over the center latches


Slee Bumper with Dual Carriers
Part: SOF1306
Weight - 165 lbs

Tire Carrier
Weight - 52 lbs

Accessory / Ladder Carrier
Weight - 39 lbs

Why a Slee Rear Bumper is superior


"Christo, just wanted to write and tell you what about what a great bumper you build. We had a teenager on drugs drive into our yard and hit our Land Cruiser on the driver's side so hard, it got pushed 4 feet sideways into our van. The font corner of the kid's Durango was demolished. The Cruiser did suffer damage, but it was from the Durango deforming around the Slee bumper. Your bumper had no visible deformation from either the impact from the Durango or from the Cruiser hitting the van. Truly a stout bumper! Can't image what the Cruiser would have looked like otherwise."