Slee SliderSteps™
'95-'97 Toyota Land Cruiser

The SliderSteps were designed as an alternative for people that require easier access into the vehicle, yet still want off-road protection.

The SliderSteps consist of a 2"x4" (3/16" wall) rectangular tube with a 1.75" tube welded to the main slider. The tube is supported with two extra gussets to provide exceptional off-road protection. The tube is laid flat and the area in between is filled in with a plasma cut piece of 1/8" plate.

The plate is bolted to the slider and coated in a skid resitant powder coat. The panel has drainage holes to reduce snow, ice and water buildup. The main slider is coated with semi black powder coat.

This Slider-Step is the ideal compromise between easy entry to the vehicle and off-road protection. The sliders are installed on the truck with 7/16" U-Bolts that wrap the frame. With the 1995/1997 models, the passenger side front support is a bracket that curves under the catalytic converter. This supported is bolted to the frame using 4 8mm bolts into existing holes on the frame. 

These sliders are coated with a durable slid resistant powder coat. The finish is matt black with a sandpaper like surface.

Toyota oem mud flaps or stock running board end caps can be used to complete the installation. The mud flap is notched to accept the slider, or the running board end cap can be trimmed to fit.

Slee-Slider-Step view from the top.

Slee-Slider-Step showing top plate and textured coating.

Support bracket under catalytic converter