95-97 Land Cruiser
Slee Tube Style Sliders

Available for 95-97 Land Cruisers

One of the first products the Slee produced was rock sliders for the 80 Series Land Cruiser.

These sliders have been installed and tested on numerous trucks and has successfully completed trails like the Rubicon, Pritchett Canyon (Moab), Voodoo (Paragon) and numerous other hard core rock crawling trails in the US.

80 Series Land Cruiser - Tube Style
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The 80 Series Tube Style slider consist of a main 2"x4" 3/16" wall) rectangular tube with 1.5" DOM outer rube. The tube is angled up from the main slider to provide exceptional rocker panel and lower door protection. The outer tube can be used as a step, but might be a little high for shorter people and kids.

The sliders are installed on the truck with 7/16" U-Bolts that wrap the frame. With the 1995/1997 models, the passenger side front support is a bracket that curves under the catalytic converter. This supported is bolted to the frame using 4 8mm bolts into existing holes on the frame. 

Most of the sliders are finished with 60% gloss powder coat finish. The pre-treatment includes baking to remove all oil, phosphate washing, sandblasting and then a powder coating is applied. 

Slee-Slider with Tube. View from the rear.

Toyota oem mud flaps or stock running board end caps can be used to complete the installation. The mud flap is notched to accept the slider, or the running board end cap can be trimmed to fit.

With the 1995/1997 models, the passenger side front support is a bracket that curves under the catalytic converter. This supported is bolted to the frame using 4 8mm bolts into existing holes on the frame.

Detail of the catalytic converter bracket

The following is a series of photos showing the sliders being used in real world conditions.

Trail: Pritchett Canyon - Moab
Obstacle: Rocker Knocker
Vehicle Owner: Robin Hood



What customers have to say!

Slee, Last weekend I was driving to Utah from Colorado when the roads got dangerous just outside of Cheyenne Wyoming. 40+ MPH winds with a very wet snow meant icy roads. Long story short the cruiser went into a slide....I over corrected back and forth about 6 times when I finally went off the road sideways into a street sign. To my surprise when I jumped out to access the damage, the sliders took the brunt of the pole, bending it over completely. The cruiser just slid over it without a scratch to be found on the body. The slider does have a small dent but is in otherwise perfect condition. I know your products are spendy compared to the others but they just paid for themselves! Thanks again for making such a solid product! Tim York
"I helped another list member install a set of the Slee Sliders yesterday. For those of you who haven't seen them, they are beautifully made, have great welding, and fit perfectly.  The undercat support is a work of art.  I was very impressed.  They are fairly heavy, so installation is a 2 man job.  We used 2 men and a trolley jack.  I wish I had more $ for one of Christo's new bumpers!

Andrew Pollock"
" For those who have been to Moab, we ran Hells Revenge,
including tip-over-challenge, and lower-helldorado the first day.  Chickened out on Hells-gate (heck it was our first day there, we were pansies I know). Lower Helldorado is HELL for large vehicles ...ahhhhhh...only damage is what you'll see but if it weren't for Christo's sliders I couldn't write this because I'd have to pawn my computer to pay for the damage...seriously every turn was made with the slider against a rock pushing the rearend around a 6 foot radius, I couldn't believe the sliders held up to that abuse, simply unbelievable!! 
Mark Brodis"

"Beli and I spent the last few days in Moab and I wanted to let you know how well the sliders I purchased from you performed. I am very pleased!! We really put them to the test on Lower Helldorado where they were continually being dragged or used as a pivot point. I managed to complete the trail with only a couple of nicks on the fender flares (minor). Beli was literally within a hairs' breath of caving in his whole right side but received only a minor scratch on his passenger door (along with the usual scrapes). All of my damage can be repaired with a rattle can.
Tom Edwards"