2010+ 4Runner - Slee StepSliders

Part: SOK020 - $995.00

Items required for installation
of this product sold separately

M8 Rivet Nut Tool
Part: STF1112 - $35.00

Drill Bit 17/32"
Part: STF1115 - $23.00

Powder Coating Details

The Slee Step Sliders for the 5th gen 4Runner is formed out of 3/16" steel. The sliders consist of a frame mount flange, three support legs per side and the main StepSlider.

The frame flange bolts directly to the frame utilizing existing holes in the frame. It also has three mounting fixtures welded to attach the legs. This ensures a solid mount without any compromise.

The slider body is formed out of 3/16" steel and functions as both a step and a slider.

There are two aluminum tread plates attached to the top surface of the slider body. These are only availabe in black. Tread plates have dimples that form a non-slip surface when wet. The slider body is cut with the same pattern as the tread plates to prevent dirt / ice build-up.

The sliders are finished with a gloss powder coat finish and supplied with all the necessary hardware for installation. 

SliderSteps showing tread plates in gray for illustration purposes - only available in black

Main slider body view

Tread plate design has holes to prevent dirt and ice buildup and help with cleaning - only available in black

Side View

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