1998-07 Land Cruiser / LX470 *
Suspension Kit Details

The 1998-07 Land Cruisers use Torsion Bars as Independent Front Suspension, with a traditional four link in the rear using coils and shocks.

The 1998-07 Lexus LX470 uses the same setup as the Land Cruiser, however the shocks are replaced with hydraulic units that can raise and lower the vehicle. The AHC (automatic height control) system will compensate for any additional weight added to the vehicle, up to a certain amount. These suspension kits can be installed on a LX470, however it would require additional labor to remove the AHC components.

The suspension details discussed below apply to the 1998-07 Land Cruiser. In 2006, the AHC option was also added as an option for the Land Cruiser, so the same applied in terms of additional labor required to remove the AHC system.

The IFS suspension on the front limits the amount of lift that can be installed on the these Land Cruisers. In order to lift the front, the OE torsion bars can be adjusted. This process pre-loads the torsion bars and adds lift. Although this is a common practice, we don't recommend it. The net effect is to raise the front end, however you still have a spring that is too soft and not adequate, especially wehn adding additional weight.

Medium Load Kits

1998-07 Land Cruier / LX470

The Medium Load Kits are designed for a stock vehicle. This kit includes OME Torsion Bars which are stronger and provide additional spring rate over stock. The lift is achieved by introducing a spring with a spring rate suited for the application. The Old Man Emu Torsion bars are designed specifically for the UZJ100 and provide more load carrying capacity allowing for the installation of replacement bumpers, winches and other accessories.

The shocks are replaced with Old Man Emu Nitrocharger Sport Series shocks that provide better control and comfort. Slee Shocks can also be used in place of OME if desired. The rear is lifted with OME coils springs, again with a stiffer spring rate and taller free height.

This suspension will stiffen the ride without compromising the ride quality. The OME Springs and shocks together with the Old Man Emu torsion bars are an ideal combination for people that wish to get more load handling capability and a firmer, yet controlled ride.

These kits are available in either 1.5" or 2.5" lift options. The 1.5" is ideal if stock tire is desired along with a "level stanvce" front to rear apperance. The 2.5" lift is for vehicles when a larger tire is desired (33").


Heavy Load Kit

1998-07 Land Cruiser / LX470

This Heavy Load kits are designed for vehicles with at least a front and rear aftermarket steel bumpers. They offer stiffer rear springs, however we use the same comfort shocks. Firmer shocks are available for trucks with extra heavy loads.

The 1.5" kit is intended for a vehicle running stock size tires, but with additional bumpers installed.

The 2.5" kit is intended for vehicles running 33" tires, and aftermarket bumpers installed.

Since loaded there are such a variety of aftermarket accessories that can be installed, please discuss your application with our sales staff to ensure that you receive the correct springs for your application.

Slee Diff Drop

When lifting the IFS the axle shafts (CV Joints) are put an a bigger than stock angle. This increased angle of the CV joints can accelerate the wear on the joints and also caused the rubber boots that contain the grease to start leaking.

Slee developed a bolt in Differential Drop Kit that lowers the front differential by 3/4". By doing this, the angles on the joints are reduced and placed closer to the stock position.

All kits are now supplied with the diff drop. The diff drop is supplied at a reduced cost when purchasing a complete suspension.

SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms

Installing a 2.5" lift the adjustment on the factory eccentrics for caster and camber doesn't allow for a large enough range to get the alignment back into proper specifications.

These upper control arms provide an additional +/- 2 degrees of camber and 0 degree to + 4 degree of caster change. Built with an OE style ball joint and new SpecRide(tm) bushings, these arm's are designed to correct alignment angles while maintaining factory ride quality. Slee recommends the SPC UCA when installing a 2.5" suspension upgrade.

Slee Diff Drop

1998-07 Land Cruiser / LX470

The Slee Diff Drop Kit is a new cross member and includes all the spacers / hardware required to drop the front IFS differential of the Land Cruisers one inch. Dropping the differential alleviates excessive angles on the side shafts and will reduce CV wear and boot damage.

Upper Control Arms
1998-07 Land Cruiser / LX470

Upper Control Arms
SPC-25455 - $720.00

* Compatible with Lexus LX470 with AHC removed

1998-07 Land Cruiser / LX470 *
Old Man Emu Kits

Old Man Emu
1.5" Medium Load Kit
Part: ARB1031

Old Man Emu
2.5" Medium Load
Part: ARB1032

Old Man Emu
1.5" Heavy Load Kit
Part: ARB1035

Old Man Emu
2.5" Heavy Load
Part: ARB1036

Slee Diff Drop Kit
Part: SOK006