2002 Toyota Land Cruiser
with AVO Turbo Fitted
130k Miles - SOLD


We purchased this truck in March 04 with 87k miles on it. Truck is light metalic silver with gray interior. The truck is super clean inside and out. Any imperfections are indicated in the photos. We fitted the AVO Turbo (around $11k installed) as a test to the vehicle and we are 100% satisfied. Gains were 110 hp and 110 lbft of torque measured at the wheels on a dyno. We get around 13mpg in town and 14/15 mpg on the highway. The turbo has been on the truck for about 25k miles with no issues at all.

The truck is shown with 18" Stock Lexus Wheels with Lexus center caps. The spare is still a stock oe 16" Toyota Land Cruiser wheel. The 18" wheels can be swapped for 16" Toyota Land Cruiser wheels. Tires are about 30% worn.

At 96k miles we performed all the maintenace on the vehicle that was required. This truck is ready to drive and needs nothing.

Maintenance Done:



The turbo installation requires the removal of the two catalytic converter system and it is replaces it with a single hi-flow 3" cat. Please check your State Emmision requirements if this will be a problem.

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