1993 Toyota Land Cruiser UTE

Contact Details: Christo Slee
Tel 1(888)4X4SLEE


The ShortBus has been a great wheeling truck for us and also a great prototyping platform but we have to move on. So we decided to sell it. The last even we completed with the truck was the Ultimate Adventure 2006. The truck suffered some body damage, but came out with flying colors on the drivetrain side.

The picture above is the current state, except the wheels and tires is not what the truck is sold with.

Lot more pictures at:

The buil-up pics are at

And a ton more pictures in the trails section of our site.

Before we put it out for sale we decided to address any drivetrain issues that might have developed from the wheeling we have done, so to be preventative we did the following:

Replaced the rear differential with a new ARB unit.
Replaced the front ring and pinion
Upgraded the Marks Crawler box with the latest generation of internals that elliminates the overheating issues
Relocated the powersteering pump (for the full hydraulic steering) that we installed just before the UA.

The specs for the truck is:

1994 FZJ80 with 80k miles on it.
Full Hydraulic steering using double ended PSC ram and pump.
Slee Off-Road Hysteer
5.29 Gears
Newfield HD Birfields and inner axles
Moser Rear Axles
Marks 3:1 Crawler Box.
CV Driveshafts front and rear
Slee Off-Road custom 7" suspension
39.5 Swamper TSL Tires on TruDesign Wheels
Internal Cage
Cobra CB
Lap Belts
ARB Compressor for Marks Adapters.
Custom front and rear bumpers
Wanr M8000 Winch with new cable

The truck is in good mechanical shape but here are some things that you need to know if you are interested in this truck.

The body is damaged, but the doors and windows still close.
The front windshield is Lexan and I don't thnk a glass one will fit anymore.
The shocks have dents on them, but they are not leaking. Probably needs to be replaced.
Tires are about 60% worn.
The AC system is not functioning now due to a damaged line.