Slee Rear Bumper - 1991-97 Land Cruiser / LX450 - Customer Reviews

"I am truly impressed by the quality"
By Marvin Chudnoff
Simply stated, I am truly impressed by the quality of your products. The rear bumper and associated tire carrier just arrived for my series 80 land cruiser. The design and execution of these products are exceptional, ranging from the welds, stampings or powder coating, excellence prevailed. I am both happy and proud to see that American companies still produce at this level. As an aside, whoever is in charge of packing and shipping is a pro. The goods were delivered in pristine condition. I just ordered a rear ladder for the bumper and I must now figure out what else can I buy  from your shop. Not a bad task at that!   

"Long story short, great products from great people"
By Kevin and Jessica Wardlaw
Hi Guys, just wanted to send a quick note and a couple pics. I recently purchased a rear bumper from you with both swing outs and a fuel can carrier. I installed them along with some other accessories from your store. My wife and I then drove our 1991 Cruiser to Prudhoe Bay and back to Laramie Wy, 8602 miles in all not including the ferry ride. We had no mechanical failures and only one issue with the rig. A weld broke on the catalytic converter heat shield causing a nasty rattle and squeak. The bumpers, suspension and roof rack I got from you all worked flawlessly. The rear bumper is almost a necessary upgrade and many people have looked at it and thought it was a factory installed unit. Another admirer said of the vehicle as a whole, "That is the way Toyota should have built the 80 series". Long story short, great products from great people. Thank you SLEE.

"Everyone, including myself, was impressed"
By Joey
You guys really have your stuff together. I cant tell you how many comments the installer had about your product, the way it was packaged and the detail of the instructions you guys send with the product. They were also impressed to see how you guys put all the parts in separate sections in the plastic wrap. Everyone, including myself, was impressed. Thanks for all the support along the way. I'll definitely use you guys in the future. Cheers, Joey.

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